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Coffee Cup 399 and 400


Finishing up at the office. I fly to the big city tonight, then the red eye to Phoenix for regional meetings. The meetings are being held at the Grand Canyon. One of the joys of being in Region D is where we get to meet. From Reno and the Grand Canyon to Waikoloa and Taos.


Because of the four hour drive to the Grand Canyon, Wednesday is a travel day. I am tempted to catch a Diamondbacks game before heading up. My Giants are in town. I have not been to a Giants game since October of 1989. I have bad memories of that season. 399.


Tiger is behaving very well. I love the dashboard widgets and miss the old look of Mail. Have not used Automator yet nor have I set up my Safari RSS bookmarks. 400. How about that? 400 cups…

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Coffee Cup 397 and 398


I did not go to the market yesterday. I did not get a Sunday paper or shaving cream. I did get an hour extra to sleep but wasted it updating my stocks. I did not shave this morning. I did not need to, not really.


I did a clean install (Tiger). I did a full back up on Saturday. I did not back up Sunday or today. I did lose whatever came in today. I did need what I lost. 397.


I did complete the upgrade to Tiger. I did have to upgrade Missing Sync. I did not have to upgrade anything else, so far. I dig this upgrade, I do. 398.

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Coffee Cup 387 and 388


Tiger will arrive on Monday, five days after Apple shipped it FedEx 2Day. One of the joys of living rural is that there is no Saturday delivery in this county.


This gives me some time to do backups and maintenance. And time to scour the fansites for tips and cautions. 387.


I am so tempted to do a clean install… 388.

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