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Coffee Cup 953


I join Presh for her morning coffee run and we decide to take the Starbucks Challenge. The last time I ventured out to Starbucks was on Halloween (they failed the challenge).


This time Cafe Estima was on the menu and was cheerfully offered. They even used only one cup and a sleeve. I will have to test them again if they ever take Cafe Estima off the board. 953.

Coffee Cup 815


This is a latte and not a pressed cup of Fair Trade coffee. Why? Because this is not a corporate owned store but a franchise and the franchise owner apparently does not give a rat’s ass about Fair Trade coffee.


I think we need to challenge Starbucks corporate to educate its franchisees and encourage them to participate in this important endeavor. 815.

Coffee Cup 793 – Citizen Action/Corporate Reaction


Say what you will about Mead’s observation skills in Samoa, she got it right when she said that thing about a small group of committed people. Watching the Starbucks Challenge unfold makes me smile and cheer.

After picking up my alBook from the geniuses I popped into the green logoed ones at the Chandler Fashion Center to take the Starbucks Challenge. There were four barristas behind the counter and eight people in line. It was about 2:30 p.m. on Sunday and most of the drink orders where those slushy things.

D. (my barrista) was stacking pastries when she came over to take my order (an effort to ease the queue, I guess). Presh ordered a bottled water and I asked for a cup of Fair Trade Blend. She looked up at the menu board and asked, “You mean the Guatemala, Fair Trade is not on the board?” I replied that I was told I could get a cup of Fair Trade Blend. She started to explain again then stopped and said that she could press a cup for me and that it would take about four minutes. I smiled. She left to get the press from the cupboard and stopped to double check with another barrista that this is how she should do it.


Now here is the double bonus. I prefer pressed coffee. Presh does not like the “chalkiness” and I stopped making it at home. The coffee was steeped a little too long and I got a “twenty” instead of the requested grande. But, it was mostly right and much better than the drip of the day. I can get pressed Fair Trade coffee upon request. You have done a good thing, Siel.

My observations. It took a few seconds for the barrista to register, but it was obvious that there was some recent training. It is quite something to change corporate behavior and it is impressive to see it happen down to the local level. There is a Starbucks near you, probably four. Go challenge them.

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