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Guest Cup 34 – Bryanna and the City!


Bry writes:

As I explained on my blog, coffee triggers my acid relfux (sexy image, eh?). So, this is what I sometimes order at Starbucks instead…it’s fruity and creamy. I think it’s called a Strawberry Cream, but don’t quote me on that one…man I miss coffee!

Great blog!


Guest Cup 34 is from our friend Bry from Bryanna and the City!. She is leaving Vancouver for another city and more adventures. Safe journeys Bry. Methinks the real reason for the drink is that it is the only pretty pink one and that is as good a reason as any. Thanks for the cuppa.

Win a Pound of Peets from Presh

44, 45, and 46


Got another 3 hours of sleep last night. The rest of the night was spent writing. The morning was a mad rush with me emailing drafts to my secretary before heading back to the board retreat. Running about a half hour late. No time to brew Peets at home, probably not a good idea to show up late at the retreat with a green logoed cuppa. So I bite the bullet.


Banquet room coffee. My first non-Peets/Starbucks cuppa. I am still grateful. 44.


I hit these cups like a Brit at last call. 45.


The retreat is painful but we are accomplishing major work. 46.

37, 38, and 39


Another first flight last flight day.


Three meetings after three hours of sleep. I leave it is dark. I land it is dark. Something happens in between… Oh yeah. 37.


I have a Starbucks card that tracks my every purchase. The card is in Canadian Dollars because it was first used in Canada. It is the Vespa card. Kind of rare. I also have an “Enjoy” card and a 2004 Shareholders card. The Vespa paid for 38.


39 is in repose at the top of the escaltor at the airport. This makes five cups for today. 88 ounces or 11 SCMU.

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