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Coffee Cups 832, 833, and 834


Yes, we are producing more episodes of The Coffee Sessions.


Been kind of busy the past few days, but we are in pre-production with several. 832.


Including a wedding planner. Yes, a wedding planner. You will understand why when you listen to the session. 833.


I need to also set dates to record sessions with a couple of very interesting Los Angelinos and a guy who spends part of his time in Los Angeles. 834.

Coffee Cup 813


The Coffee Sessions website is up and current. Deacon is lining up a few new guests and we should be back in production next week.


Holy crap that was a long game. Can someone say sweep? 813.

Coffee Cups 542 and 543


I write in shorthand and metaphor because I write in shorthand and metaphor.


The band, by way of explanation, is a metaphor for the creative teams I used to be a part of. Teams that saved the world in our spare time. 542.


The sessions and the laying of tracks therefore are our creative musings and mashings wherein we develop the strategies to save the world in what is left of our spare time.

It should be noted that there was not always enough time left to tour and promote the recordings. Which explains the current state of the world despite our numerous sessions. Cool? Cool. 543.

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