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Coffee Cup 962


I have decided to not get Presh a girly gift this Christmas. I have done that in the past doing the whole jewelry thing. This year she gets the Princess Geek gift.


I have it narrowed down to the 60GB iPod (black) or a Sidekick from T-Mobile. 962.

Coffee Cup 733


Presh took care of dinner again. This time a not take-away at Pei Wei. I guess the opposite is dine-in, huh? Then a latte desert and chat at The Coffee Cabana again a not take-away. 733.


Then home to final Session 4 – The Stuart Interview. You have to listen to this one. It rocked. Thanks Stuart.

Coffee Cups 695, 696, and 697


Stuart and I have been recording our recent planning meetings. We have agreed to post these along with our notes in the form of a podcast and blog. The hope is that others will come along and add to the conversation. The raw feed podcast and blog will go live next week.


I love the wayback machine. It has reminded me of things I was passionate about and the words I attached to it. I found my old website. 695.


There was no parade. Just a “in case you missed it, the monsoon ended Saturday”. WTF!?! 696.


Stuart mentioned 43 Folders in our conversation today. Took a quick look. This is a site for Presh. 697.

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