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Coffee Cup 821


I can no longer function without broadband. My home phone and professional phone are both VOIP systems (one through Cox and the other Skype). Most of how I keep in touch with people is now by iChatAV or Skype.


I used to just meet them at coffeehouses. Now I see them in tiny windows on my AlBook. 821.

Coffee Cups 791 and 792


My alBook is fixed and it is perfect. I am very pleased and not as poor.


The trip to the Apple Store in Chandler also afforded me a visit to the local greenies to finally do my part in the Starbucks Challenge. Thank you for the nudge, Siel. 791.


That report next. 792.

Coffee Cup 754


The alBook has been left with Genius Denise. She promises a not too painful recovery.


By painful, I mean money. We shall see. 754.

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