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Coffee Cup 616


The car is due in tomorrow. I need to fly to San Diego to pick it up then drive back to Phoenix. Something like a five hour drive.


Did I mention that I have started barking?

When I leave an air conditioned space and head outdoors, the sound I make as the heat hits me sounds like woof. 616.

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I still use Franklin Covey products even after my switch to Palm OS. Why? Because I suck at keeping my life organized and they do not. How is that for a spokesperson testimonial?

Coffee Cup 599


This is so disorienting. I am driving around in a fog. This place is huge. There are so many people and they are all shopping at these fricking strip malls.


I have heard Phoenix described as suburban strip mall hell. You have no idea… 599.

Coffee Cup 572


Presh is getting a crash course in Phoenix Real Estate. Did you know that one of the reasons the westside is less desireable is that the water company cannot guarantee water service? You turns your faucet knob you takes your chances.


Or so says the guy in charge of the eastside water. There are private companies acting as water “utilities”?!?

This is new… 572.

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