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Coffee Cup 492


All I wanted was a Pepsi, just One Pepsi. But she would not give it to me.


So I settled for an iced coffee instead. 492.

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Coffee Cups 471 and 472


Is it really June?

Through the first five months of this year of coffee I have consumed 470 cups of coffee. That translates into 900.75 SCMUs or 56.3 gallons.


There were 27,464 visitors in May for a total of 138,591 year to date. There were 228,669 pages served in May for a total of 1,680,458 year to date. There were 2,493,825 hits and over 38GB of data transfered.

Thank you again to everyone who reads this site. Send me an email, or a Guest Cup, and please give us a call. Presh and I may be reached anytime at (512) 597-0947.

BTW, I have discontinued tracking my Pepsi One intake. Partly in protest as they have changed the formula, and partly because I do not keep a photographic record of each can I drink. As a result I am unable to track my caffiene intake. 471.


Went to the doctor again today. More tests. She is keeping me on the Cipro for now. 472.

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Coffee Cups 394 and 395


In the first four months of this year of coffee I have consumed 393 cups of coffee. This is 748.5 SCMUs or 46.78 gallons of coffee. An SCMU (standard coffee measurement unit) equals 8 fluid ounces.

I have also consumed 514 cans of Pepsi One (despite the change in formula) or 48.2 gallons of Pepsi One. This marks the first time that I have consumed more Pepsi One than coffee.

As a side note, Presh and I took our cans to the recycling center this week. About four months of cans netted us $37.50 (deposit plus salvage).

For the caffeine geeks in the audience (taking into account just Pepsi One and coffee intake), I have consumed 140.8 grams of that bitter tasting white powder.


There have been 36,300 visitors to this site in April who read 427,259 pages. Both visitor and page averages have dropped since March, are my fifteen minutes up already?

Year to date we have welcomed 111,705 visitors and have served 1,458,789 pages. Thank you very much for reading. 394.


Of course the most important statistic is how much fun this has been. To date that metric is about here (gestures) and for that I am truly grateful. I have met some really interesting people and have seen their cups. Not to get all creepy, but that was cool. 395.

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