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Coffee Cups 711, 712, and 713


Nicky is the winner of the Win a Pound of Peets from Presh Contest. Congratulations buddy! The pound is on its way.


Javacat writes in with recipe suggestions and Nicky offers cooking lessons next time I am in Norman. You know, I never did get a Guest Cup from Javacat… Wanna send one in? 711


I need to find a bar that casts ESPN U. No other way to see the game. 712.


The Coffee Sessions are listed in iTunes. The information was wrong and I needed to modify the tags. Should be okay now. 713.

Coffee Cup 655


It is nice to be home. Dinner at Chipotle then grocery shopping.


It is nice to have the feed and Major Dickason’s. 655.

Coffee Cup 654


The cab from Sky Harbor (PHX) to home was 40USD. Was debating getting a car. But the calculus did not work out. Besides I needed sleep.


Presh had a pot of coffee brewing when I got back home. I feel so loved. 654.

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