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Interlude 24 – Bourbon Street


The Bourbon Street video.

We shot this video on our last night in NOLA. We begin on Canal Street and walk a block to Bourbon Street. The trip down Bourbon Street was a visual and aural spectacle. You had to be there.

The video is shaky, but it captured the sounds of the street (and – just for Tim and Tony – a girls gone wild moment). About 13 minutes. 26.6 MB (Quicktime)


Click the photo above or here to see the video. May take awhile to load.

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Coffee Cups 459 and 460


First day back in the office and it is official. We are moving. We get slightly better facilities. I get a smaller, quieter office and video conferencing capabilities.


Still not feeling better, mostly tired. Thank you again for all the comments and emails. 459.


I know that what happens in NOLA is supposed to stay in NOLA but videos are coming soon. Also met another very cool rural health policy geek blogger. Go say hello…. 460.


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Interlude 23 – NOLA


My first trip down south.

The South was never on my list of places to travel to. Too humid, too complicated a history, too expensive, too far.

Too exotic for a guy like me.


Grits is made from corn. I really like grits.


While there is a complicated history here, there is a lot of history here. The scenes that unfold as you wander through the French Quarter are intoxicating.

french quarter

Life on the Mississippi. I do the song when I spell that…


There are live sex shows on Bourbon Street and lots of frat boys and old creepy former frat boys.

I wonder what a live sex show is like? Oh my…

jazz funeral

As conference sites go, this was better than the Grand Canyon.


It was hot and humid even at night.


This was a city of guidelines. Streetlights, timetables, rules, all suggestions. I was trying to figure out if this was a lawlessness, stubborn individuality, or something else?


I loved this town.


I loved this more.



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