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Coffee Cup 453


Alarm goes off at 3:00 a.m. Cab heads to MSY at 5:00 a.m.


Cup 453 from the Peet’s near B10 at CVG.

Made it home with two of three bags. All my clean clothes, the stuff that Presh bought, and my chargers (phone, Clie, cameras) went somewhere else. Delta.

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Coffee Cup 426


It has been awhile since we have traveled for fun. Our last real vacation was a trip to watch Episode II on a digital screen. Before that was a Chicago architecture tour vacation in the 90’s. This is a business trip first, but I am extending a few days to feast in the Big Easy.


I hate to fly. It is not a fear thing, it is the claustrophobic-grimy-noisy thing. It is a long travel day. With the 7 hour layover in the big city to the flight to CVG and on to MSY it will be about 20 some hours. Presh is giddy, I am not. 426.

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Coffee Cups 423, 424, and 425


The morning is being spent preparing for the conference and doing a makeover on the Rural Community Health website. It is now ready to go live and I have Kenny to thank for that.

Next comes the washing and packing of enough clothes for a ten day trip.


The morning flight to the big city tomorrow, then the red eye to CVG and on to MSY. I found out yesterday that I have a six hour layover in the big city. I wonder how that happened? 423.


I rent maybe five or six cars a month, sometimes more. When I fly into the big city they always put me into a Neon or Corolla. A nice sensible car at a responsible government rate. We are very thrifty with your tax dollars. When my co-worker in the rural health office rents cars they always upgrade him to Grand Cherokees at the same rate as my Neon. He is not a good looking guy. He has crooked teeth and a funny looking nose. (Laugh)

M. is going to show him this post and blow my cover. 424.


Did well on the whole zero sum food thing. Fridge is pretty empty, so not much will spoil while we are away. Pizza for dinner, I guess… 425.

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