Okay, the ads are back. I am experimenting with designs for a project I am working on with another Gnomedex 5.0 alum and this is how I learn. Besides these are good products that I believe in and use everyday.


About this new project, well, it is secret. All will be revealed soon. In the meantime, go buy some ThinkGeek T-Shirts, SkypeOut minutes, or something. We launched the demo site last night and eliminated a couple of project names. We will not be known as Puce Puppy. More as we finish it. 617.


Okay, I suck at keeping secrets. It has something to do with candid human conversation and puce is a dark red kinda purple-brown colour. You know, the colour of a bruise. 618.


The Miata has arrived but will not be available for pick up until Thurday. So the plan is to fly to San Diego on Thursday get the car and drive back to Phoenix in time for Presh to use the car to get to work on Friday. Then take the rental from Phoenix back to Vegas so I can take a flight back to the big city Friday night. 619.

This is just about the coolest ever. I never have to leave the house again. Safeway delivers! I can get my half and half, chicken breasts, and ice cubes delivered right to the door. Coffee is already being delivered. What else is needed? Hmm….


More coffee! You can never have enough coffee. Sure, there are stores on every corner. But why go out? Remember what Chef said. “Never get out of the boat.” It is good advice. Never get out of the boat because there are tigers (even in the desert) and they will chomp you. Order online instead.