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Interlude 19 – I am a Press Whore


Stephen Williams (New York Newsday) writes:

THE BLOG LOG: The Year of the Coffee Blog is an interesting place to find postings on … just about anything. Kinda like straying into a Starbucks and striking up a conversation with a stranger. Visitors sometimes post photos of their favorite coffee cups. Here are some late entries:

I want to go to Vegas. I need a reason to go. There is a “Star Trek” convention in August. I have never been to a “Star Trek” convention. I have seen Trekkies. Truth be known, I own the DVD. It was a gift. I do not speak Klingon. Should I go? Anyone else want to go? I want to go to Vegas.

And this:

I start my day, every day, with two doppios in a demi I picked up in Montpelier, France. There is some really good coffee in Muncie, Ind. The cafe is called The Blue Bottle, and I even have the keys to the place so I can get my “medicine” when they are closed for holidays.

And this:

I fear coffee. I used to work at a coffee shop. I would pound espresso to make it through my shift, which ended around 1 a.m., and then drive home and go to bed, no problem. Alas, that was 10 years ago, and now the slightest bit of caffeine makes me freak out (seriously, I get really, really angry), and so I avoid coffee.

I love the press, but please get the name right. It is The Year of Coffee Blog.

When I go to restaurants I use an alias. Call me Bob. My real name is, of course, Lloyd. I am amazed at how many spellings I have seen for “Lloyd”. According to family legend, my name should be Roy. Okay, Roy, Jr. However, my immigrant grandfather, while telling the nurse Darth’s name… well, you can figure it out. Call me Bob.

Even my good buddy Tim has it wrong. He lists it as The Year in Coffee. The link works and that is all that matters.

Apparently, it also made the print edition. How cool is that.

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Coffee Cups 361 and 362


A quick update before heading south for lunch meetings with county rural health folks.

More on birthdays. Lots of creative people were born on 30 March. Besides Madge, Tony, and Vincent – Norah Jones, M.C. Hammer, Paul Reiser, and M.’s evil ex boyfriend. Actually not sure if M.’s evil ex is creative. Me, I share a birthday with Reba, Julia, and that Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom guy. Remember him?


Regarding the funky dress shop downstairs that is for sale, Presh wants me to look at the numbers. I will call the broker later. I am thinking this could be a really cool internet-based reality program – Presh’s adventure in retail. Anyone want to invest? 361.


Finally, I have been challenged, my coffeemanhood questioned and yet I walk away. I have grown since Cup 356. All Things Christie. 362. See me walk away… I am walking… Walking away…

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Interlude 18 – Cosmic Twins?!?


Holy hot twins action, Batman! Madge Weinstein and Tony of The Tim & Tony Show were both born on 30 March! This means something, I know it. Who else was born on that day?

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