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Coffee Cup 605


Waiting for godot Cox. 24 hours till broadband.


Umm… I did laundry and dumped a lot of boxes.

Grilled some chicken breast and made a salad for lunch.

I need a job. 605.

Now if I can set this thing to answer all my Skype in calls for me. “And you are? I see, do you have an appointment? No, huh. Hmmm… He is WoWing right now. How about I take your information and he will get back to you…” What do you think?

Coffee Cup 567


Two more weeks. A controlled panic has settled in to the office. I have spent days reasssuring them that they can smoothly transition, that they have the skills to do this. I have been trying to do the brain dump, transferring everything I know about my job to the three people that will cover for me until a replacement is selected. It cannot be done. I never realized how difficult that would be to do, how much I have learned in this job and how easy it comes for me. There is not enough time.


My hourly rate just went up. A lot. 567.

Interlude 30 – Hire Me



My job search begins. Here is the profile statement from my resum√?.

I am an experienced planner and program developer. My professional experience and passion has been focussed on improving the lives of the less fortunate and most vulnerable. My talent is program design and team building. My value is innovation and fund development. My joy is the creative process. I seek to learn and in return serve my community.

I am looking for something shiny. Thanks.

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