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Guest Cup 50 – Chicken Little


Sue writes:

Here in the heartland, the temperature is in the triple digits. The air
conditioning can barely make a dent in the heat. Still, a die-hard
coffee drinker will find a way.

Here’s my coffee. It’s a strong, generic instant. Water microwaved hot
enough to melt the crystals. Ice added to bring it down to room
temperature. Cookies my son baked in the early morning. It’s a nice
afternoon break.

Drop in any time. There’s always time for a coffee!

Pleasure to meet you!

Sue (aka Chicken Little)


Guest Cup 50 is from my new friend Chicken Little (aka Sue) from Chicken Fried Life. No Sue, the pleasure is all mine. And may I say, those cookies look mighty tasty! Thank you for the cup. Cheers!

Guest Cup 49 – Jay Brewer


Jay writes:

I’m having this cup of AH French Roast brewed from a Senseo single serve coffee machine deep in the northern California mountains, just a little northwest of a little town called Hyampom.

I’m here visiting my in-laws with my wife and daughter and I’m enjoying this cup of coffee off the grid. Yesterday to ensure we had enough power to fire up the Senseo so I could review coffee pods here in California for Single Serve we had to hike up the creek and clean out the blocked water wheel. Wild.

You have to appreciate a cup of coffee that you hiked nearly 3 miles, laid down in a creek cleaning out leaves from an intake for the water to power the pelton wheel, and then returning in the morning for some charged batteries, and praying the coffee maker didn’t kill the entire amount of power you made in the night.

Well – the French Roast coffee is pretty darn good. We are enjoying not only the coffee but the setting in the mountains and having family around to enjoy with the coffee.

Each time I come to Hyampom, I’m amazed at how lucky one is to enjoy any of the modern wonders like coffee machines, computers, and the telephone. I love coffee and I love this place.

– Jay Brewer
– Single Serve




Guest Cup 49 is from our new friend Jay Brewer of Jay has just about convinced me to pick up a podbrewer. I think I read somewhere that I can make my own Major Dickason pods… Thanks you for the cup Jay. I understand the lengths we go to enjoy our fave cuppas. Cheers.

Guest Cup 48 – Lonesome Hero and A Year in Food!


Lonesome Hero writes:

I’m writing to you from Cafe Pick Me Up, at the edge of Alphabet City, overlooking the perpetually eccentric Tompkins Square Park. I come to this cafe almost every night, sometimes to read but mostly to write and edit. In the summer, my tiny apartment two streets away is sweltering and claustrophobic, but the atmosphere at the coffeehouse is always just right. I can decompress here, watching the mohawked punks, ink-covered skaters, and more and more frequently, the Polo-clad pack of yuppies walk by.

One of my favorite aspects of Pick Me Up is the music. Though I’ve been coming here obsessively for over a year, I’ve never heard the same song twice. Though I listen to more music than any reasonable person should, I’ve only recognized three CDs they’ve played in all that time. Outside of that, the song selection can range from reedy torch song to lively Brazilian to introspective lappop. When I hear a song now no one could hope to identify yet seems perfectly apt for the moment (a soulful French ballad, an esoteric Bessie Smith track) I think, that’s a Pick Me Up song.

Even more than the ambiance and the music though, I come for the coffee. Made from a house blend, the product here is great. The few rotating employees all take care with the process, carefully spooning out the cap of steamed foam onto the coffee. I used to order the regular cappuccino with skim milk without fail. Then, needing a break, I switched to the cafe au lait. Now, with the unflinching humidity, I’ve tweaked the order again, getting, as you see pictured, a regular iced cappuccino with skim milk. It’s just necessary this time of year.

The book I’ve been writing is still slowly moving forward, edit by edit, but in the meantime, I’ve downed about a hundred cups of coffee since January. I’ve killed hundreds of hours here and extended my nights by hundreds of caffeine-laced hours. This place and the rich depth of its brew have become such staples of my nightly routine, I can’t imagine getting my fix anywhere else.

Lonesome Hero.


Guest Cup 48 is from my new friend Lonesome Hero of the Village. Lonesome Hero writes, besides the novel, A Year in Food. A blog near and dear to my heart. Here is the tagline… Documenting 365 days of dining out (minus the many meals I eat at work because let’s face it, the Financial District is a wasteland and it’d be way too depressing to read or write about). We shared a meme. Cheers!

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