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Coffee Cups 533 and 534


Playing with my Gnomedex schwag.

WeatherBug is okay – missing is a local weather station. The nearest one is fifty some miles away. I am eager to play with the API when available.

Packing the Channel 9 Guy for my travels. Gonna send the team pics of c9g at some cool geek venues.

Got a free months subscription to Audible. Damn! Their website blows. It is so freaking slow. Will try again later. Strike One.

I dressed geek last night. New T-shirts for the summer. Cool.


Another first flight day tomorrow then overnight in the big city. Meetings all day Thursday and Friday. 533.


Damn Audible, strike two. 534.

Coffee Cups 526 and 527 – Back to Reality


That was my geekstock. Blogging is free love man.

Cup 526 hangs out near gate A14 at SeaTac. I hate SeaTac. The folks at the counter were not having a good day and made sure I knew about it.


Cup 527 in the lounge at some other damn airport. I am afraid to count how many miles I have flown this year.

I am tired and sleepy. A couple of Guest Cups have arrived. They will get a good night’s rest and say hi tomorrow.

Coffee Cups 524 and 525


I paid for my ticket to Gnomedex 5.0.


Cup 524 kinda snuck in with me and grabbed a seat up front. Chris walked by a few times but did not notice…


Cup 525 got up to dance to Adam’s mash up with Scoble leading the way.

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