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Coffee Cup 810


The asian film orgy continues this time with kabuki theater meets demon samurai film. I was not going to view this one, but the star intrigued me. This guy is the Michelle Wie of kabuki theater, starring at age 7, named as a teenager, and with his own school as a twenty-something.


Ashurajo no Hitomi does not dissappoint. It is visually stunning and fun. The kabuki theater influences may not translate well but you will not be missing much if you are not a fan. Come on demon samurai film! 810.

Coffee Cups 808 and 809


Deacon’s dirty secret is that he likes country western music. Mine is that I like jpop. Bouncy sweet boingy jpop. Go figure.


So when you put Fukada Kyoko and Tsuchiya Anna in a movie together, of course I will see it. Who knew it would be so good. 808.


Grrl power buddy biker flick with embroidery. It rocked. 2004’s Shimotsuma Monogatari. 809.

Coffee Cup 807


I am not a fan of Suzuki Seijun. A few years ago I had the misfortune of sitting in on his film Pisutoru Opera. It was an absolute mess and after 10 minutes I had to leave. I would have given it another 5 minutes but the projectionist did not have the right plates for the film and it was absurdly distorted. Usually not a problem for a Suzuki film, but I was not in the mood.


Imagine my surprise when I found Operetta Tanuki Goten charming and visually stunning (five out of five stars). I like cinema that surprises me and this one did. I find myself unable to describe the film except that it had a singing and dancing Zhang Ziyi. That alone is worth the price of admission, non? 807.

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