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Coffee Cups 361 and 362


A quick update before heading south for lunch meetings with county rural health folks.

More on birthdays. Lots of creative people were born on 30 March. Besides Madge, Tony, and Vincent – Norah Jones, M.C. Hammer, Paul Reiser, and M.’s evil ex boyfriend. Actually not sure if M.’s evil ex is creative. Me, I share a birthday with Reba, Julia, and that Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom guy. Remember him?


Regarding the funky dress shop downstairs that is for sale, Presh wants me to look at the numbers. I will call the broker later. I am thinking this could be a really cool internet-based reality program – Presh’s adventure in retail. Anyone want to invest? 361.


Finally, I have been challenged, my coffeemanhood questioned and yet I walk away. I have grown since Cup 356. All Things Christie. 362. See me walk away… I am walking… Walking away…

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Interlude 18 – Cosmic Twins?!?


Holy hot twins action, Batman! Madge Weinstein and Tony of The Tim & Tony Show were both born on 30 March! This means something, I know it. Who else was born on that day?

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Coffee Cups 354 and 355


First Dan and now Chris, no one drinks coffee anymore.


Trying to organize my life so I can get to Gnomedex this year. 354.


Is there a cool conference in Vegas this year? 355.

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