Our story so far… (2007)

Since 2005, I have taken a photo of each cup of coffee I have consumed and placed it on this website. This was done to change the rhythms of my life and it did.

Since we began, we have moved from the house my grandmother and mother grew up in, to the apartment above the dress shop, to the desert. I was a rural health policy geek who became a blogger and podcaster and now have my dream job. Presh has her shopping malls and her spectacles and her six hour drives to eat fish.

Through it all I learned three new things and three very important things. The three new things are that it gets really fricking cold in the desert; how to do that whole podcast/blog/PHP/RSS/MySQL/editing/SEO thing; and how to do that thing you do in that place they call Azeroth.

The three very important things I learned are that there is absolutely nothing Presh cannot do; that interesting things happen when you pay attention and take notes and photos; and I learned who I am and what I do and why.

I guess you had to be there.

2007 was declared the year that will not suck because 2006 was decalerd the year we do that which is hard. It was hard. We learned that lesson. Now we name the years better. 2008 will be the year we win Powerball. 2009 will be the lost year in Vegas. 2010 will be the year, holy moley! In a few years it will be 2010. So much to do. So little time.

The cups will continue as the adventure continues. Thank you very much for reading.