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Coffee Cup 996


Ben and Jerry’s sells Fair Trade coffee ice cream along with Fair Trade Organic coffees.


They also have comfy seats.

Coffee Cups 993, 994, and 995


Got some nice encouraging emails and a phone call. Deacon called to give me directions on how to do the 1,000th cup. Very specific directions…


It is looking like the count will hit 1,000 or 1,001. How about that? 993.


I forgot to send out the media advisory to CNN. 994.


But, I doubt Jeanne Moos would fly out to the Valley… 995.

Coffee Cups 990. 991. and 992


I spent most of my Christmas free time reading all of Questionable Content.


It was a great read. Very compelling. There is also a “director’s commentary” that runs alongside. I need to go back and read just that 990.


I wonder if I can get a Guest Cup from Dora? 991.


Anyway, I madeover my Yahoo! 360 site to celebrate my inner emo girl. 992.

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