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Here is the short answer. This page is my performance art piece. It is my three panel comic. Start at the beginning and read. It requires commitment and an active brain. Not much is ever explained because theCoolKids love a compelling inside story. You either get it or you do not or you do not and pretend to get it because you so desperately want to be one of theCoolKids. It is probably best if you leave now.

Lloyd is married to Presh, whom he met on the morning of 11 February 1982. By that evening they would be evacuated to an emergency shelter to ride out a killer storm. He was sixteen years old. They married in 1989, four days before his 24th birthday in that ugly Frank Lloyd Wright building in Marin, CA. They now live in a desert valley near that other Frank Lloyd Wright building, Taliesin West.

Lloyd was a boring rural health policy wonk. He left that position to join Presh in the desert. He is now going back to his community building roots as a community planner. He is probably too busy now to be a consultant to caring people and their causes, or to really cool people and their projects, but he will always make time for rich eccentrics and their folly.

Lloyd is an experienced writer, planner, and program developer. His professional experience and passion have been focussed on improving the lives of the less fortunate and most vulnerable. Lloyd’s talent is program design and team building. His value is innovation and fund development. His joy is the creative process. He seeks to learn and in return serve his community. No, really….

Lloyd went through an early mid-life crisis. He already had the cool convertible, so the crisis manifested itself with him taking pictures of each cup of coffee he consumed and posting it on his website. He soon found that life, when unfiltered and fully caffeinated, can be quite compelling. Something interesting is about to happen. In the meantime, there are reports to read and memos to write and that whole save-the-world thing.

You still here? Cool…

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