drtrango writes:

Hi Lloyd,

Princess has been bugging me to send in a guest cup, so here it is. The shorter cup on the right is Princess’s Jasmine Tea Latte while the cup on the left is one of those mocha things I tend to get when I get coffee. This is a new coffee shop in Manoa across the street from Starbucks that is actually cutting into Starbuck’s business. True, it is still a chain…


Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau`oli Makahiki Hou to both you and Presh


Guest Cups 60 and 61 are from my dear friends drtrango and Princess. I love the Bean and get most of my dessert lattes from them. I do not think drtrango or Princess blogs, though they are avid geocachers. I think they should blog life in their new town. A photoblog would also be cool. They live in the most beautiful part of the country (and my absolutely favorite place). Thank you for the cup and the holiday greetings. May 2006 bring you adventure and toys.