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The Third to Fifth Cups


So today was spent recovering from NYE. It was a sober night but a late one as I scrambled to get the websites done. This is the third cup, although it was my first since waking up this morning.

the third cup

It is again Major Dickason’s Blend. The cup is the Nighthawks riff that Starbucks sells. It used to bother me – drinking Peets in a Starbucks cup but no longer. I was in Chicago this past summer but missed Nighthawks cause it was on tour. I did get to see American Gothic though…

4th cup

This is my fourth cup. I was busy creating the 12 Ounce Addiction site. This is going to be a weird year. This is my usual drink setup. A hot cup of coffee and an ice cold Pepsi One (on the rocks please). I like to alternate sips. At restaurants I usually order two drinks if I know they have decent coffee.

fifth cup

I am hoping to find the rhythm for this site. If I am lucky it will be like an Almadovar film and build to an incredible payoff.

I for one am vvvvvvvvery interested to see wwwwwhat happens next.

The First and Second Cup


My first two cups of the Year of Coffee were brewed at home with the start button being pressed at midnight on the first. The idea of posting photos of each and every cup I consume this year just seemed to make sense. More truth and a reason will hopefully be revealed.

the first cup

This is my first cup of The Year of Coffee.

It is my usual – Peets Major Dickason’s Blend. I add a packet of that yellow thing and some half and half. The cup was given to me by a co-worker and features Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Starry Night hangs in the MoMA and dates back to 1889. The coffee by contrast was hand roasted in early December 2004.

the second cup

The second cup.

The cups are shot on my desk just to the left of my keyboard. Various cables and accessories are also shown. The first cup was shot with a Sony DCR PC109. The second with my UX50. The shots were pulled into my Powerbook via USB and processed in iPhoto.

Happy New Year


The year is 2005 and it is time to reflect upon my life and there is no better accomplement than a freshly brewed cup of Peets. Thus begins The Year of Coffee, an honest look through the lense of Major Dickason. I secretly hope that I live something heroic or tragic though I suspect it may be a fluffy romantic comedy. Whatever is revealed will be shared here. It begins as an unflinching search for truth, but may end up as just a photo album of mugs of coffee.

That too could be sublime.

I ring in the New Year reaching for the start button. Instead of fireworks (we did that earlier in the evening), this year (The Year of Coffee) begins with the sound of Peets being ground. Music to my ears.

time zero

This is The Year of Coffee, the year the rhythms of my life change. It is a year of discipline and caffeine. I will answer the why in December, it should be revealed by then. Till then it is a leap of faith. Something will happen.

lad and presh new year

Presh and I wish you a very Happy and Safe Year of Coffee.

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