Coffee Cup 1,000


I did not achieve enlightenment, but it did warm me up. My one-thousandth cup of 2005 was a latte from that place at the end of Mill Avenue. It was yummy, though the pastry sucked. Presh and I cuddled up for a few minutes on the couch before heading outside to watch the fireworks show. I stole a photo while stealing a kiss, but that is a moment just for me.


Happy New Year everyone. May 2006 be your year of adventure and toys. For me, the year of coffee will continue, and 2006 becomes the year we accomplish that which is hard. Stay tuned… 1,000.

Coffee Cups 997, 998, and 999


Thank you very much to Presh for all her support this year. Thank you to Mother, and Deacon, and the rest of the family.


Thank you very much to Mike Rowehl of Bitsplitter Blog for discovering this blog while at Feedster. Mike is now doing the coolest of cools at Ning. And thank yous to Tim and Tony of The Tim & Tony Show for the friendship and plugs (get it – plugs).

Thank you to Russell Beattie my very first Guest Cup and to all the Guest Cups from Russell to Lisa. 997.


Thank you to Matt and the WordPress team, to Chris and the Gnomedex team, and to Alfred and the Peet’s team.

Thank you to my all my peeps; Stumax, greenLAgirl, Mustardnut, Jason, V.C., Nick, Mur, Mr. Lott, Medox, Sean, Mike, Mike, Mark, iTripped, Madge, Ianiv and Arieanna, and the Metrobloggers. 998.


And the biggest thanks of all to you gentle readers. Thank you very much for sharing this year of coffee with me. Presh and I wish you the best in 2006. The adventure continues, stay tuned… 999.

Guest Cup 62 – Lisa Williams!


Lisa writes:

Hi, Lloyd,

I’m a fan of the podcast. Thought I’d try to get in the last guest cup of the year. What a crappy day. Got a nastygram in the mail, certified, no less. It was nice to make a cup of coffee. I use my kettle and a small Bodum coffee press. I’m not sure quite what this coffee is, it was in the grinder. The cup is my favorite, an aluminum mug that has air sandwiched between the inner and outer wall, the way an aluminum thermos does. It keeps the coffee warm longer than my regular mugs. Tomorrow will be better. And it will be 2006!

Lisa Williams


Guest Cup 62, and the final Guest Cup for 2005, is from friend Lisa whose blog is here. Lisa also writes the Watertown blog at where it is currently 30 F. and dropping. Lisa’s very nice comments helped motivate me to finally do The Coffee Sessions Podacst (more are scheduled for 2006). Thank you very much for reading (and listening) and thank you for the cup. Happy New Year!

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